From Palm Creamer Rendang to Green Fashion IPB University Innovations Enliven Gebyar Just Saw It UKMK in Palembang

From Palm Creamer Rendang to Green Fashion IPB University Innovations Enliven Gebyar Just Saw It UKMK in Palembang

IPB University's innovations were featured in the Just Saw It UKMK Gebyar held by the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) in Palembang, some time ago. This activity was attended by representatives of small, medium, and cooperative enterprises (UKMK) that have developed various palm oil derivative products.

Various innovations of IPB University in the field of palm oil, including derivative products produced by UKMK assisted by IPB University enlivened the event. IPB University's Surfactant and Bioenergy Research Center (SBRC) participated by exhibiting products that have been commercialized by the assisted SMEs. Some of these products are the result of collaboration between SBRC IPB University and BPDPKS through SME empowerment.

The products on display include hand sanitizer antiseptic and antibacterial hand soap. These products are commercialized by PT Ratu Bio Indonesia (RBI) located in Gunung Putri, Bogor Regency. Besides PT RBI, SBRC IPB University also mentors other SMEs such as PT Bogor Innovative Surfactant, PT Sukaraja Pangan Utama, and PT Eteris Prima Wiyasa.

Prof Erliza, one of the SBRC IPB University researchers said, the palm derivative product used in making hand sanitizer is palm glycerol. Palm glycerol is a by-product of fatty acid, fatty alcohol, and methyl ester processing.

"This glycerol has a very good function for the skin, which is to resist water evaporation and provide moisture and softness to the skin," he said.

Meanwhile, palm methyl ester sulfonate (MES) surfactant is used in palm hand soap products, which is made through the sulfonation process of palm methyl ester with sulfur trioxide (SO3) gas. This surfactant has good cleaning power on the skin from dirt and is also environmentally friendly.

Prof Erliza said, this hand soap product was among the most purchased by visitors to the exhibition because of its refreshing and diverse aroma.

"Another product that also attracts visitors' attention is Rendang Seasoning Mix made from palm creamer. This product is quite popular because it makes it easier to cook rendang by maintaining the flavour, remaining delicious and tasty while being practical and energy-efficient," Prof Erliza explained.

Some other products presented at the SBRC booth of IPB University are development products from diethanolamine (DEA) surfactants developed using palm oil raw materials. For example, personal care products, such as body soap with the addition of perfume in the form of essential oils. In addition, egea deodorizer that can be applied to various household items such as sofas, hijabs, helmets, shoes, and others as well as repellent products for cats and other animals.

IPB University innovator who focuses on palm oil, Dr Siti Nikmatin also enlivened this exhibition. Her flagship product called 'Green Fashion' was featured in the fashion show. Several models wore fashion products ranging from clothes, shoes, and hats to bags made from oil palm empty fruit bunch (TKKS) fibre.

"The palm motifs and colours on Green Fashion products give an authentic impression of palm oil. This product is made from TKKS fibre which is woven using non-machine looms (ATBM) into fabric sheets. The resulting fabric sheets are used as material for fashion products," she said.

The Green Fashion product is the result of her collaboration with PT Material Data Space (MDS). In addition to palm fashion products, Dr Siti also displayed the results of advanced biomaterial research, namely Green Composite helmets, pots and palm paper.

"This activity is an important event to promote palm oil through an expo of palm biomass-based research products. The use of TKKS as fashion products and advanced biomaterials is a form and effort to increase the added value of waste from the by-products of crude palm oil (CPO) production," explained Dr Siti who is also an IPB University lecturer from the Physics Department.

This event is a form of real support from BPDPKS to palm oil SMEs so that they can continue to be innovative and develop their business. In addition, this activity is also an effort to promote the goodness of palm oil in order to support SMEs to go international. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)


Published Date : 12-Oct-2023

Resource Person : Prof Erliza, Dr Siti Nikmatin

Keyword : palm oil SMEs, IPB palm innovation, Just Saw It