Sustainable Palm Oil

B20 Could Reduce Exhaust Gas Emissions to 9 Million Tons

The expanded B20 mandatory program is believed to have significant role in reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions  in Indonesia.

Downstream Industry May Stop Palm Oil Negative Campaign

Economists have called on the government to boost palm oil downstream industry in trying to stop negative campaign on palm oil.

Oil Palm Farmers in Riau Demand More Replanting Program

A success story of oil palm replanting program in some regions has drawn interest for other farmers to do the same on their plantation.

Oil Palm Farmers in Labuhanbatu Selatan Initiate Replanting

SMALLHOLDER oil palm farmers associated to Koperasi Konsumen Anugerah Jaya Mandiri Sejahtera (AJMS) at Perlabian Village in sub-distric...

Palm Oil Industry Need Entomology to Increase Production

Palm oil industry has a significant role in regional and national economic development, including poverty alleviation.

Oil Palm Trees Also Grow in Pesantren

INTELLECTUAL intelligence will always be ideal when it is combined with spiritual intelligence, creativity, innovation, and a strong...

Palm Oil Waste Converted into Hydrogen

THERE are at least 1,599 palm oil companies in Indonesia.

It’s Time for a Stronger Palm Oil Partnership

Palm oil is a strategic commodity for Indonesia’s economic development.

EU Could be Violating Three WTO Regulations

CPOPC found at least three potential violations of World Trade Organization (WTO) regulations in the European Union’s (EU) trilogue...

This Is Why Oil Palm Matters to Indonesia

THE benefits, significances, and influences it gives to national economy have made oil palm an important commodity for the Indonesia.

Impact of EU Policy on Indonesian Palm Oil

Negotiators from the European Commission, the Parliament and the Council reached a late on June 14 for an ambitious political agreement...

Business Practitioners Welcome Russia`s Commitment

Russia`s commitment to cooperate with Indonesia in the palm oil products trading is enthusiastically welcomed by palm oil businessmen.

The World Need Palm Oil

Indonesia is not the only country in the world that produces palm oil.

Beyond Oil Palm Replanting, a Story of Riau

President Joko Widodo recently inaugurated the third-tier rejuvenation (replanting) of palm oil plantation in Rokan Hilir Regency,...

Palm Oil Matters to Indonesia’s Economy

WHAT would the Indonesian economy be without palm oil?

President Jokowi Raises Palm Oil Issues to New Zealand...

Indonesian government continues its palm oil diplomacy to promote palm oil as a sustainable commodity.