Palm Oil Attracts Millennials

Being one of the world`s most produced and consumed oils, palm oil has become a major part of people’s lives.

Palm Oil Attracts Millennials

Whether knowingly or not, it plays a decisive role in the lives of almost people from the time they wake up until the time for bed. Palm oil can be found in foods, detergents, cosmetics, even in diesel fuel tanks.

Those facts about palm oil came out at the Millennial Talk Show with the theme “We are Generation of Palm Oil!” which was held at F3 Atrium FX Sudirman, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/6/2019). The talk show, which was organized by the Indonesia Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) in collaboration with Warta Ekonomi, had the presence of stakeholders in palm oil industry and also attracted almost 300 university students.

Speaking at the event, Corporate Secretary of BPDPKS Achmad Maulizal Sutawijaya made it clear that palm oil for Indonesians is not only a commodity to meet food demand, but also has become a major contributor to Indonesia’s economic growth.

“Palm oil is literally everywhere, in foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and in biodiesel which is currently used in Indonesia through B20 mandatory program. Currently, the Government is in the process to increase its bio content to B30 and B100,” Maulizal said.

Head of Communication of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) Tofan Mahdi shared similar opinion and said that palm oil industry had contributed to economic benefits. The industry generated US$20.54 billion in foreign exchange from palm oil exports in 2018. “Simply put, Indonesia’s economy will remain sluggish without palm oil.”

For which reasons palm oil deserves to be Indonesia’s national pride. People, especially millennial generation, must be aware of it amid misperception about palm oil. It is deemed necessary to share right information so that palm oil will always remain Indonesia`s most successful agricultural product.

The talk show also had the presence of Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi Muhamad Ihsan and some business leaders, including Head of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Unilever Indonesia Nurdiana B Darus, and Senior Food Technologies PT Garuda Food Putra Putri Jaya Tbk Brury Wijaya. ***