BPDPKS and 8 Ministries to Strengthen B20 Socialization

The Indonesian Oil Palm Estate Fund (BPDPKS) together with eight ministries and institution have reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen communication and stimulate opportunities for engagement and socialization on the expanded B20 mandatory program. They will work together to socialize the government’s policy to expand the use of fuel with 20 percent biodiesel content both in the public service obligation (PSO) and non-PSO sectors.

Apart from helping people to understand the policy better, socialization is also important to correct misperception concerning the use of the fuel. For instance, some people think that B20 is a newly introduced fuel. In fact, B20 has actively used since 2016, it just that it is used only in PSO sectors.

“The current program is an expansion of the use of B20, not only in PSO but also in non-PSO sectors. People has to know clearly about this,” Achmad Maulizal, Corporate Secretary of BPDPKS said in a meeting with public relations officers from eight ministries and related institutions in Jakarta, Friday (5/10/2018).

Attendees at the meeting included representatives from Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Trade Ministry, Transportation Ministry, State-Owned Enterprise Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Finance Ministry, Industry Ministry, and the Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association (Aprobi).

The meeting called for action and reviewed the potential of using a joint communication campaign to encourage people using B20. “The expanded B20 policy requires a cooperative stance from the ministries and related institutions to work together on the ground to stimulate opportunities for engagement and socialization,” Pamungkas Trishadiatmoko of Aprobi said.

Currently, BPDPKS has launched Call Centre 14036, a public service providing information on B20. The call centre can be accessed by dialing direct phone number 14036. Information is also available on its website, b20.bpdp.or.id. ***

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