Jambi Relies on Oil Palm Replanting to Boost Economic Growth

BATANGHARI, JAMBI— The government of Indonesian province of Jambi is encouraging smallholders to replant their oil plant trees in an effort to boost local economic development.

Jambi Relies on Oil Palm Replanting to Boost Economic Growth

Jambi Governor Fachrori Umar said smallholders should replant their old trees to increase productivity by joining PSR, a government-initiated program of oil palm trees replanting program for smallholders. Recently, he launched an initial replanting on 212 hectares of land operated by smallholders who are members of village unit cooperative (KUD) Barokah from Karya Mukti Village at District of Muaro Sebo Ilir, Batanghari Regency, Jambi. The program is supported by the Indonesia Oil Palm Plantations Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS)

Fachrori said, palm oil production in Jambi has contributed to economic benefits. That’s is why the government encourage smallholders to increase productivity of their plantations by replanting old trees. He appreciated great effort of KUD Barokah that has encouraged its member to join PSR in trying to improve productivity.

“Their success can serve as a role model for other KUD in Jambi to be more innovative in an effort to improve people’s standards of Living,” Fachrori said.

PSR is a government-initiated program to replant oil palm plantations, aiming to boost productivity. The program offers smallholders to replace old trees using high quality seeds. In this program, BPDPKS provides a grant of Rp30 million per hectare. ***