Indonesia to Convene Palm Oil Business Meeting in Switzerland Ahead of IE-CEPA

JAKARTA—Indonesian embassy in Switzerland will convene a business meeting ahead of implementation of Indonesia-EFTA Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IE CEPA).

Indonesia to Convene Palm Oil Business Meeting in Switzerland Ahead of IE-CEPA
(Ilustration: Palm oil promotion in Switzerland. (Photo: Doc/KBRI Bern)

The meeting will include highly sought after topics in the area of trade, including palm oil. Indonesia will provide recent updates on palm oil sector as well as facts concerning implementation of sustainable palm oil.

“Indonesian embassy and Swiss Chamber of Commerce will convene a conference shortly to discuss the importance of IE CEPA for Switzerland and Indonesia," Indonesian Ambassador in Switzerland, Muliaman Hadad said in a statement, Tuesday (7/7/2020).

Muliaman said in the politic process in Switzerland some parties disallow the partnership since it includes palm oil. Differently, the Swiss government, parliament, and majority of the community accept palm oil and recognize that palm oil from Indonesia is the sustainable one. “We will have a further discussion on the scheme of sustainability and it will be agreed by the two countries.”

Muliaman said that Indonesia will explain to the Swiss government that palm oil is indisputable. In fact, with its high productivity per hectare, palm oil production uses less land than other vegetable oil production.

Indonesian government has also made a strong commitment to follow international rules in an effort to stop global deforestation. Implementation of palm oil moratorium as well as mandatory use of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification are some of the efforts Indonesia takes to reaffirms its commitment. *** (Source: Antara)