Indonesia Focusing SDGs Attaintment to Strengthen Palm Oil Diplomacy

Indonesia Focusing SDGs Attaintment to Strengthen Palm Oil Diplomacy

JAKARTA--The government will strengthen palm oil diplomacy to promote palm oil to be internationally recognized that Indonesian palm oil sector has implemented sustainable practices.

The palm oil sector is key to Indonesia’s efforts to reach its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). "Next year we will lay stress on palm oil that the commodity is key to attain SDGs. We are trying to compile the guidelines," Directorof Multilateral Cooperation of Foreign Ministry Febrian A Ruddyard said in Jakarta, Monday (16/12/2019).

Indonesian palm oil guidelines will be under the framework of the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It will highlight the role of the palm oil industry to the attain SDGs.

the Indonesian Government is prioritizing the importance of certification, both according to the standardization of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which can show that the palm oil industry is Managed sustainably.

"What we want to do is to improve the profile and acceptance of international parties on our palm oil certificates," Director of Trade, Commodity, and Intellectual Property Rights at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hari Prabowo said

Hari explained that the two certificates would objectively study the CPO from sharing the SDGs aspect, including aspects of reducing poverty and overcoming inequality and disparities.

"If countries in the world and the international community are really committed to advancing SDGs and pro-environment agendas, then this concept should be acceptable. Thus we can compare CPO fairly with other vegetable oil products, " Hari added. (Source: