Final Selection Result for 2018 Palm Oil Research and Development Funding Program

In order to push development on palm oil sustainability, based on Presidential Decree No. 61 Year 2015 concernint Collection and Use of Palm Oil Plantation Funds, the Indonesian Oil Palm Estate Fund (BPDPKS) organize Palm Oil Grant Research Program to support any reasearchs and development on palm oil. BPDPKS has granted reasearchs and development on palm oil in many sectors since 2015.

During 2018, under “Call for Proposal” program ended on March 2018, BPDPKS has received almost 400 research and development proposals. BPDPKS together with Research and Development Committee have appointed 38 proposals to received 2018 research funds (see attachment below).

We’d like to congratulate researchers who have passed the selection. For further information, we will inform soon on formal announcement letter. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

For researchers who have not passed the selection in 2018, we hope you continue working on developing Indonesian palm oil industry and we look forward to your participation on the next Call for Proposal. ***


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