Road Test Completed, B30 is Ready to Use

JAKARTA—Research and Development Agency of Energy and Mineral Resources at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) has completed a five-month road test on use of biodiesel with a bio-content of 30% (B30) in diesel-powered vehicles.

On the press release, Thursday (28/11/2019), MEMR published result of the test that has been carried out since 13 June 2019. The following are points of the test result:

  1. Vehicles running on B20 and B30 showed relatively similar performance in power, fuel consumption, lubricants, and emissions.
  2. Opacity of emission in B30-fueled vehicles remained below level of measurement limit and didn’t show significant increase;
  3. B0, B30-fueled vehicles (MG Biodiesel 0.4%) and B30 (MG Biodiesel 0.55%) with soaking time 3,7,14, and 21 days could be started within one second;
  4. New vehicles running on biodiesel for the first time tend to change fuel filters earlier when they use B30 as the result of blocking effect. It becomes normal afterwards. ***

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